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Does your baby wake up as soon as the stroller stops? Let Sleepytroll lend a hand. Sleepytroll Rechargeable Baby Rocker gives you and your baby a well-deserved break.

  • Fits most Strollers
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Fully charged in just 2 hours
  • Built-In Motion and Sound Sensor
  • Adjustable Speed Settings
  • Most powerful baby rocker on the market


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Make sure to check out our attachments that allows you to use the Sleepytroll on your crib.

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Sleepytroll Bed AdapterSleepytroll Bed Adapter
Sleepytroll Bed Adapter
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Sleepytroll Bed Rocker FeetSleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet
Sleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet
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What's included

With the purchase of a Sleepytroll baby rocker you will get

1 x Sleepytroll smart Baby Rocker

1 x International charger

1 x User guide

We take safety seriously

Sleepytroll is safety tested by TÜV, one of the world’s leading testing service providers.

Complies with CE and FCC regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields and is ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Sleepytroll uses safe NiMH batteries (not lithium). Sleepytroll can safely be taken on a plane.

Easy to use

Transform your stroller into a rocking oasis for your little one with Sleepytroll baby rocker. Thanks to the integrated strap, you can easily mount it onto any stroller, providing your baby with a comfortable and soothing rocking motion.

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Our story

Let our founder Ståle tell you about how he invented Sleepytroll to help him in his day-to-day life as a father of three.

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Additional info


74 x 90 x 167mm




Rehargable NiMh (Can be brought on airplanes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 287 reviews
Patricio Grez

Nothing crazy, but it works

Jennifer Smith
Game changer!

Debated making this purchase for 4 months and wish I had just bought when I discovered it I aged of waiting. I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 on a homestead and this thing truly helps nap the baby in all situations.
I ended up justifying the price with a camping and cross country trips coming up and know it’s going to be a huge help.

Tim Hardie
Not bad but could use improving... terrible charging unit

The product feels like it's nearly good. The fact that it doesn't have a USB-C charging port, and cannot be used while it is charging is a huge huge drawback. It means you need to be really organised in having it charged, it also means that it likely won't last a whole night because it will run out of battery eventually.

With a USB-C charging port and the ability to use the product while it is plugged in would massively improved it's usefulness.

On top of this, the charging unit it is supplied with is TERRIBLE quality. Ours became defective within a month of use, and we were told be customer service that they will not supply a replacement. This means that you'll need to factor in the cost of a new charger each six months.

The system that mounts the SleepyTroll onto the bed/stroller/cot could be much better too, why not a universal system that doesn't require a hand-full of expensive adapters? The adapters and quite plastic-y and feel quite flimsy.

Overall not a bad product, it does the job but could be massively improved by a few small changes.

Hi Tim.

Thank you for your feedback. As our customer service mentioned, you can contact the point of purchase for a new charger.
We are working on a Sleepytroll with USB-C, but it is not ready yet. The reason why we do not allow the product to be used while charging is because we do not want babies to sleep in a room alone with an electronic component charging attached to their place of sleep, so it is a safety issue. For us, safety comes above all else.

If you have any suggestions for how we could improve the adaptors or the Sleepytroll we are more than happy to have your ideas! This way is the best way we managed, but we are always open to solutions from clever consumers :)

Best regards,

Olivia Bowman
Game changer

Baby boy sleeps so much better in his bassinet now!! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because you cannot use it while it’s charging.

Hi Olivia!

So happy to hear your little one is sleeping well with the help of Sleepytroll! Did you know that rocking while sleeping also improves the quality of sleep? Cool, right? :)

The reason why we do not allow Sleepytroll to rock while charging is that we do not want an electronical appliance with movable parts charging in the same room as a Sleepying baby, as it is a safety issue. The probablity that something could go wrong is tiny, but it would be our worst nightmare to be responsible for something like that.

Thank you again for the kind words, happy sleeping!

Best regards,

Tyler Sanderson
No International Returns

Not compatible with my crib and the satisfaction guarantee does not apply to international orders. Not impressed

Hi Tyler.

Yes, unfortunately the 30 day gurantee does not apply for our international webshop, as it would be too expensive for us, with both shipping cost and import costs when shipping from Sweden. As a small company it is just not doable for us. But you do have the 14 days right to return if the items are unopened. In the return policy on the site where you ordered this is clearly written, as well as the weight limitations and requirements for using on bouncers, strollers and cribs written on the product site.

I am sorry it was not a success for you and your little one, but perhaps you can resell it to someone with a baby that likes being rocked in the stroller or a compatible crib?

Best regards,

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