Developed in Norway

What do you do when your baby just won ́t sleep unless you rock, carry, stroll, or drive him around? You pray there exists something to help you and your child. And if it doesn’t? You invent it yourself! That ́s what one desperate and exhausted Norwegian dad, Ståle Flataker, did.


Sleep soundly with Sleepytroll

Before your baby is born, you anticipate the joy it will bring you every day. What you don ́t see coming is the level of desperation you feel at night and even during the day when the baby just wont ́tsleep. So you ́re pacing the floor back and forth for hours, standing half-awake to keep the stroller moving, driving for miles, circling the neighborhood. Everything to make your little troll sleep.

Why not let Sleepytroll help you do the job?

Buy it today -and who knows?

It might let you feel like a normal person again tomorrow.


Who are we?

We are a small Norwegian company, with big international ambitions! We are fortunate enough to take part in every detail in our process, from development and marketing to customer service and sales. This way we can make sure the Sleepytroll spirit is with us every step of the way.We are both parents and between us we have 5 kids aged 1 to 17. So, we truly understand the challenges new parents face – especially with kids that have trouble sleeping more than 20–30-minute naps. Sleepytroll truly is from parents to parents, and we will do our best to help you navigate the crazy world of sleep (deprivations).


Our main goal is to help tired parents and babies with that important daytime sleep. But we also have a big responsibility when it comes to sustainability and our environmental footprint. That is why we work hard to provide a high-quality product that is rechargeable and free of toxins. In addition, we make sure that the factories where we produce our beloved Sleepytroll follows the SA8000® Standard, which includes regulations on child labor, forced or compulsory labor, health and safety, discrimination and working hours.

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